Denver’s new growth industry; Housing Illegals on your dime


I have made the claim over and over: the Federal Government was involved in shipping illegal aliens and illegal minors to different states within our union without involving State and Local Governments. What I didn’t know was that this is quickly becoming a booming growth industry for sanctuary cities such as Denver.

I have obtained a copy of an email that appears to have been sent to employees of our very own Family Crisis Center (FCC), a division of the Denver Department of Human Services. The e-mail talks about FCC applying for a grant to serve unaccompanied alien children. This grant is designed to assist in resolving a fast-developing crisis in the United States resulting from huge influx of children from Mexico and Central American countries. Apparently, this is becoming big business nationwide.
The grant application is actually made through a federal department already set up, ready to handle the influx of minor illegal aliens into this country. It is becoming quite clear that the federal government not only knew that this was coming, but had already set up a process for states to get grant dollars to house these illegals in our communities. This flies directly in the face of the idea and the propaganda coming from the Administration that they had no idea this crisis existed and it caught them by surprise. This is a lie.

Not only does this e-mail talk about the idea that the application is due by the first or second week in August, but it indicates the grant is anticipated for three years with “excellent potential for continuing demand into the future.” Evidently, this is something that is going to continue and grow exponentially over the coming years in Denver. But it does make one wonder: what’s going to happen to the people that are already being cared for by the FCC? Will they be turned out on the street? Will they find other housing for these people? Or does it simply no matter, because we’re now getting federal funds to house illegals coming across the border? Well, I guess the homeless in the state of Colorado and the people that desperately need our help who are already here are going to be turned away – we have a new generation of illegals coming across the border and the federal government is supplying tons and tons of money to pay for it. Looks like we have a brand new booming business right here in Denver.

Fortunately, Steve Bates, the Director of the Family Crisis Center, did address some concerns some of the employees of the FCC may have. I am so pleased to see his concern for his employees outweighs his concern for the people already here needing our help. If they are unsuccessful in getting the grant, they will continue to serve child welfare clients for DDHS. I can only assume that if they do get the grant, that will all change.

Governor Hickenlooper recently claimed he was worried about the cost of illegals coming into Colorado. Based on what I’ve seen, he no longer has to have such concerns: it appears the federal government is more than capable of supplying grant money to any municipalities that would ask for it, so long as they are willing to take as many illegals as possible into our communities. I think it’s time that we as a community told not only our governor but also the Family Crisis Center., Steve Bates and the Denver Department of Human Services that we will not accept the settlement of illegal minors in our community. I don’t care how big the business may become. There are more than 60 awards being handed out by the federal government; this one in particular is over $350,000. How much money will you and I spend in this invasion?



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